Industrial Tank Cleaning Equipment That Saves Cost, Time, Labor, And More

Tank cleaning provides many advantages for manufacturers and producers of a wide range of liquid products. Virtually any company that uses tanks, buckets, and other containers to mix and/or transport liquid can benefit from in-house industrial tank cleaning capabilities.

It's possible to implement tank cleaning equipment that is uniquely catered to individual facilities and the cleaning requirements of a wide range of containers and contaminants. NexGen Enviro Systems provides tank cleaners and bucket washing machines with many different add-ons and features. Our customers get fully customizable, industrial cleaning equipment solutions that suit the varied needs of modern manufacturers across many industries.

Large and small producers of paint, ink, dyes, and pigmented liquids should have tank cleaning equipment to save costs on containers, improve facility safety, and reduce the amount of waste they handle and produce with each batch.

Food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other producers of any high viscosity or liquid substances can better maintain their equipment and ensure product integrity with tank cleaning capabilities.

This machinery results in a level of cleanliness that cannot be efficiently achieved through manual methods. Not only is the cleaning process more thorough and uniform, it's also much faster. The result is more productivity and less downtime.

  • 3 Minute Average Cleaning Time
  • 75% Workforce Reduction
  • 80% Less Waste Disposal
  • Compact Layout
  • Cost Efficient
  • Improve Safety And Quality
  • Modular Design
  • Plug And Play

Water Based

  • 132 Gallon Stocking Tank Integration As Optional
  • Air Supply: 80/120 PSI
  • Cycle Process: Programmable
  • Filtering System: N°1 Bag Filter With Stainless Steel Case
  • Fully Pneumatic Operated
  • Media Max Temp: 80°C
  • Size In Inches (LxWxH): 47.4" x 19.6" x 35.4"
  • Size w/Tank In Inches (LxWxH): 66.9" x 51.1" x 51.1"
  • Washing Pressure: 1.31 Up To 39.6 Gallons

Enviro Friendly Media & Solvent

  • 132 Gallon Stocking Tank Included
  • Air Supply: 80/120 PSI
  • Cycle Process: Programmable
  • EX-Proof Version Available
  • Filtering System: N°1 Bag Filter With Stainless Steel Case
  • Fully Pneumatic Operated
  • Media Max Temp: 70°C
  • PLC Controlled Cycle With Intuitive HMI
  • Size In Inches (LxWxH): 47.2" x 19.6" x 35.4"
  • Size w/Tank In Inches (LxWxH): 51.1" x 66.9" x 51.1"
  • Washing Pressure: 1.32 Up To 10.5 Gallons
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning

The Advantages Of An In-House Tank Cleaner

In-house tank cleaning saves cost, time, labor, and waste, while also ensuring product quality and integrity. This is accomplished as the equipment makes container cleaning a more efficient and hands-off process.

Tank cleaning equipment is comprised of housing, brushes, and pressure washing components that thoroughly clean tanks and mixing vessels. The machinery works with containers that are all manner of shapes and dimensions, ranging from one-gallon capacity to hundreds of gallons.

Tank cleaners utilize water-based cleaning liquids and detergents as well as solvent or other chemical-based cleaning liquids. Tank cleaners will create the right combination of temperature, pressure, cleanser quantity, and mechanical cleaning to achieve results that would otherwise require extensive time and labor resources.

In addition to saving time, cost, and energy through an automated approach, a tank cleaner will also eliminate many safety concerns by keeping the cleaning process contained and hands-free.

Manufacturers that would formerly need to rely on the services of a third-party container cleaning and collection service are able to avoid these extra expenses. Tank cleaning and bucket washing capabilities can also save considerable costs for companies that ordinarily would dispose of containers after one or just a few uses.

With industrial tank cleaning equipment, tanks, vats, vessels, and buckets can be maintained at food-grade or cosmetic-grade levels of cleanliness, even after multiple uses. Residues from particularly thick, sticky, and highly-pigmented contents are eliminated. The result is reduced expense devoted to waste storage, collection, and regulatory compliance, and less overhead needed to continuously purchase new containers.

Incorporating Tank Cleaning Equipment Into Your Facility

Our bucket washing machinery is constructed and configured to account for the volume and shape of virtually any vessel being washed, including standards like one-, two-, and five-gallon buckets, as well as more specialized and unique containers. They also accommodate the canister's opening, whether it's a wide-mouth or fully open-top vessel, such as a bucket, canister or vat, or if there is a smaller tap opening or spout.

The tank cleaner's brushes and spray elements are configured to suit the specifications of the container. They work with buckets and vessels made from metal, plastic, and many other materials.

The loading method can also be configured to the requirements of your operation and facility. Containers can be placed onto the unit by hand or fed, automatically, using a belt system. Even with this high level of automation, the equipment demands basic facility resources and will operate using electricity and compressed air. Cleaning processes that utilize water-based cleaning solutions will require a waterline.

Any wastewater left over after the cleaning cycle is contained for treatment or disposal through a designated drainage system. Tell us about your waste management or liquid recycling requirements, and we can help you identify a system that will make collection, disposal, or recycling as streamlined as possible.

For solvent or chemical-based cleaning methods, NexGen Enviro Systems provides a full line of chemical recovery and solvent recycling solutions that can be paired with our tank cleaning equipment. Combining a tank cleaner with the right solvent recycler can amount to a major reduction in waste, labor, and overhead at multiple stages of the manufacturing process.

We will work with your technicians to ensure that installation is completed quickly and thoroughly, so you can start gaining the benefits of tank cleaning as soon as possible.

Getting Started

To learn more about all the options for incorporating a tank cleaner into your facility, contact us to discuss your requirements.

All units can be customized to individual needs, limitations, and goals. Tell us about your operations and the containers you use, and we'll design and develop a unique solution that suits your facility and cleaning method.

NexGen Enviro Systems is the sole provider of Basca tank cleaning solutions in North America. We're proud to offer a full array of solutions that suit the varied demands of manufacturers in many industries. We predominately serve customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To get started identifying the right tank cleaner for your company and get a quote, contact us today.