Flexo Cylinder And Gravure Web Cleaning With Industrial Ultrasonic Parts Washers

When using commercial printing equipment, it’s not always possible or permissible to simply spray wash parts or machinery when cleaning is required. Conventional spray washing often doesn’t get the job done with professional graphics and printing equipment that uses industrial ink, such as flexo and gravure presses.

This is where industrial ultrasonic parts washers serve as a solution. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency vibration, a cleaning solution, and water to efficiently clean printing press cylinders, webs, and other press components.

Ultrasonic parts washing works through oscillating power that’s supplied by a generator, which is transferred into the washing liquid. The alternating pressure creates microscopic bubbles that dislodge and disintegrate residue.

The ultrasonic waves generated in the tank provide molecular-level cleaning, which allows for the removal of all dried ink residuals from anilox and gravure cells. Not only is this a highly effective method for ensuring cylinders, webs, and cells are thoroughly cleaned, it’s an effective way to eliminate hazardous chemical exposure and manual cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Cost-Effective, Labor Reducing, Environmentally Friendly

Ultrasonic flexo and gravure web cleaning systems are a cost-effective solution for reducing labor and maintenance demands, use of hazardous solvents, and overall operating costs. It is also a more environmentally friendly option compared to conventional cleaning methods. The overall unit provides an efficiency of 90%.

If you’re seeking a method that enables you to get a truly comprehensive clean of anilox and gravure cells and other printing press parts, that’s also a cost-reducing addition to your capabilities, an industrial ultrasonic parts washer is what you need.

NexGen Enviro Systems can help you identify the best option for your operation. Our systems come equipped with a touch screen and digital display of all wash cycle data, system maintenance reminders, and any active errors.

You can get a quote on an ultrasonic parts washing unit by contacting us. Our experienced team can help you identify the most effective options for your individual requirements and answer all of your questions.

Anilox Roll And Printing Cylinder Parts Cleaners For Label Industry Needs

Designed to meet the needs of the label industry and printing service providers, printing cylinder parts cleaners make the process of washing anilox rolls and cylinders more efficient.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of anilox rolls is required for quality output of labels, graphics, and other printed materials. When it comes to ink transfer coverage, density, and color integrity, more thorough and efficient cylinder cleaning capabilities can provide such advantages, and more.

Print cylinder cleaning equipment accomplishes this through a motorized system that allows for more efficient cleaning of anilox rolls. All units feature automated controls. Models can accommodate either four or eight cylinders at a time.

All mechanical parts are made from AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure lasting material integrity and to help maintain optimal cleanliness standards.

Printing Cylinder Cleaning Solutions That Meet Your Production Requirements

Anilox roll cleaners maximize solvent utilization and ensure safety is maintained in your facility. Washing solvent is stored in a dedicated service tank to prevent evaporative loss and the release of vapors. The service tank can be emptied and rinsed with recovered solvent either manually or automatically.

With a useful washing area that can readily accommodate most printing cylinders and other small to medium label printing parts, these cleaning units can reliably meet the needs of most printing professionals. Units feature a one-inch service pump and are powered by 90-120 psi of compressed air.

NexGen Enviro Systems can connect you with a printing cylinder cleaning solution that will meet your unique production needs. We have been helping label industry professionals improve their cleaning capabilities and better the quality and efficiency of their output.

Our experienced team can help you identify the right cylinder cleaner for your needs. Contact us to let us know your requirements or to get a quote.