Solvent Recycling Liner Bags For Solvent Distillation Equipment

In-house solvent recycling systems significantly reduce the amount of waste left behind after a chemical cleaning process, While the recycled solvent that exits the system can be used in the same manner as virgin solvent, the leftover contaminants—known as still bottoms—must be cleared and properly collected for disposal. Solvent recycling bags make this task much easier.

Solvent recycling liner bags enable the safe, easy collection of still bottoms, and in a manner that helps your company maintain hazardous waste handling and disposal compliance. These bags are made to stand up to industrial demands and reduce the amount of effort needed to clear waste from your solvent recycling equipment. Using them cuts down on labor demands and reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous waste.

By serving as a barrier between the solvent recycler's waste chamber and the still bottoms, each recycle bag allows for easy cleanup services. They enable you to extend the life of the unit and ensure that optimal operational efficiency is maintained. Solvent recycling liner bags are essential for smaller units that don’t include a waste valve to empty still bottoms directly into the drum.

NexGen Enviro Systems provides competitively priced solvent recycling bags that are compatible with all of the units we sell, as well as systems from other manufacturers. Complete a quote request or contact us directly to place an order.