Cannabis Solvent Recovery Systems For Ethanol Recycling In Hemp Oil Extraction

Cannabis and hemp oil production and refining require an extensive amount of solvent, and that solvent can factor greatly into overhead costs. Not only is solvent a major expense when being purchased for the front end of the process, but resources must also be devoted to proper handling, storage, and disposal of any waste if solvent is not used efficiently.

If however, an ethanol recovery method is properly employed, the costs can be majorly reduced and oil extraction quality can be better assured.

As solvent is so integral to the production of any type of cannabis or hemp oil, a recovery system is imperative for profitable operations.

The Ethanol Recovery Process For Cannabis Oil

Cannabis solvent recovery makes it possible to separate crude cannabis and hemp oil from solvents used in the extraction process.

To extract specific compounds from cannabis biomass, a solvent is used to help separate and isolate the desired substance. Typically this process uses -40 degree C ethanol, or other solvent, to strip oil from soluble organic materials.

Once the oil has been isolated from plant materials into a crude form, the ethanol or other solvent must be removed in order to further refine and purify the oil. The solvent must also be cleaned and collected to be used at the front end of the extraction process.

Cannabis solvent recovery equipment provides a streamlined method for doing this. Through a specialized vacuum distillation process, the mixture of crude cannabis oil and ethanol can be separated in a safe, efficient manner, allowing each liquid to then go on to the next stage of processing.

This solvent cleaning process for cannabis oil provides efficiency that is near perfect, meaning that up to 99 percent of ethanol can be isolated and reclaimed for reuse.

The recovered ethanol is deposited in a clean tank so that it can automatically re-enter the process, while the crude cannabis oil is dispensed from the lower portion of the unit into the appropriate receptacle for further refining.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment From NexGen Enviro Systems

NexGen Enviro Systems provides solvent recovery units that are dedicated to cannabis ethanol recovery. This equipment works with a wide variety of other solvents as well. We have many units that address the specific needs of producers of hemp oil, CBD oil, THC oil, and other cannabis-derived products.

The ethanol recovery systems we provide can handle all production volume requirements and many customization options are available.

Our cannabis extraction solvent recovery equipment is designed to provide optimal efficiency and offer many customization options to suit the individual needs of your facility and output goals.

All wetted parts can be made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, making it easy to maintain exceptional cleaning and sterilization standards. Hastelloy made models are also available. Smaller units are compatible with our solvent recycling liner bags, which can help cut down on cleaning requirements and make handling easier.

Once a system is incorporated into your production setup, all you have to do is set your parameters and you’re up and running. This equipment works with highly automated manufacturing and refining arrangements, and can be enhanced with remote monitoring and other capabilities.

Our largest units are capable of processing as much as 125 gallons of solvent per hour. With this equipment, you can further your production speed and quality assurance, while reducing the amount of virgin solvent you’ll need to purchase for your operations. That means better profit margins for your company with added product integrity.

All of our solvent recovery systems are UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof listed.

We've made ethanol recovery systems work for all types of businesses and facilities. If you've been hesitant to finally make the move of incorporating one into your company, we can assure you that now is the time and the benefits will exceed your expectations.

Getting Started

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