Solvent Distillation Equipment and Solvent Recycling Machines

Solvent recycling equipment includes a range of machinery that separates reusable solvent from contaminants created during various production and cleaning processes. These machines work through a process of distillation, enabling solvents to be recovered in a safe and highly efficient manner, while significantly reducing your hazardous waste disposal costs.

Once dirty solvent enters into the recycling equipment, it is heated until it is vaporized. The vapor then condenses and is collected to be reused in the same manner as virgin solvent. The remaining contaminants can then be more easily disposed of and will require considerably fewer resources for handling, storage, and removal. What would have originally been solvent waste is now recycled, clean, usable, and ready to enter your process.

Low Volume Distillation Units

Low Volume Distillation Units From
NexGen Enviro Systems

The IST Model solvent recyclers are available in 2.6, 4, 6.6, 11, and 16-gallon capacities. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards with a touch screen PLC controlling all aspects of the cycle, these distillation units personify ease-of-use.

The 4-hour cycle time makes the NexGen models the fastest and most efficient on the market. Their powder-painted, heavy-duty steel construction guarantees the unit's durability over many years of service in any application. Options such as automatic loading, Teflon coated boiling tanks and vacuum distillation is available.

The IST Models are the perfect solvent recyclers for those using small volumes of solvent weekly.

Medium Volume Distillation Units

Medium Volume Distillation Units From
NexGen Enviro Systems

The DIGIT Model solvent distillation units are available in 24, 37 and 53-gallon capacities. The Touch Screen PLC controls all cycle functions. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards these units can be installed in any operating environment.

These sturdy solvent distillation units represent the bridge between the low volume user and the large-scale needs of a high volume operation.

The Digit models offer more automation via the auto load system with level controls. A residual discharge valve, vacuum distillation, and Teflon coated boiling tank are some of the options available.

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Gal Volume
Weight lbs
Oil Volume Gal
Power Volts
20"L x 28"W x 41"H
230 1 phase
20"L x 28"W x 41"H
230 1 phase
24"L x 34"W x 43"H
230 1 phase
24"L x 38"W x 47"H
230 1 phase
24"L x 38"W x 47"H
460 3 phase
36"L x 43"W x 67"H
460 3 phase
60"L x 36"W x 65"H
460 3 phase
60"L x 36"W x 65"H
460 3 phase

The Benefits Of Solvent Recycling Equipment

When manufacturers and industrial service providers make the decision to utilize solvent recycling equipment, they gain a number of advantages at multiple points in their process.

Solvent distillation equipment saves cost at the front end by reducing the amount of virgin solvent required on a regular basis. It's possible to reclaim 90 to 95 percent of reusable solvent by implementing a solvent recycling machine that's properly integrated into your production line.

The amount of hazardous waste created is significantly reduced requiring less storage and lowering reporting paperwork for eventual disposal. Not only does this save a considerable amount of cost for virtually any company using acetone, alcohol, and other chemical solvent, it's simply good practice for reducing the environmental impact of essential operations.

Thanks to the versatility of solvent recycler equipment, and NexGen Enviro's ability to modify and customize units to specific performance requirements, in-house solvent recycling is a capability that's possible for just about any company in any industry, including: Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Agriculture, Electronics, Woodworking, Shipbuilding, Printing, Painting & Coating…and many others.

Why Source Your Solvent Recycling Equipment From NexGen Enviro Systems?

NexGen Enviro has been providing solvent recovery and recycling solutions for almost thirty years. In that time, we've served thousands of customers and have developed a range of equipment that accommodates many different requirements.

There are numerous features available on our solvent recyclers, large and small. It's possible to integrate our equipment into your factory programming. We can facilitate streamlined connections into your process in a way that suits your current level of automation.

Vacuum-assisted distillation is another option. This enhancement makes it possible to lower the boiling point of the mixture and safely recover solvent that would ordinarily require higher temperatures for the recovery process. For processes that use chemical products with certain heat limitations, this option also makes it easier to recover both the solvent and the product at a lower temperature.

Many safety features are incorporated into all of our solvent recycling machinery. The PLC provides clear error codes, making it easy to identify and address any issues so that you avoid downtime. Automatic shutdown occurs when anything is amiss during processing. Controlled pressure release valves are incorporated into process tanks to prevent excess pressure build-up, which eliminates subsequent hazards. These are just a few of the redundant fail-safes we incorporate into our machinery.

All of our equipment is UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof listed and is built to be safe enough to operate in the average manufacturing/production facility with no special isolation or safety modifications required.

Following the initial install and programming, solvent recycling is essentially a push-button operation. There is no extensive or complicated training required for operations.

What Can You Expect From NexGen Enviro Systems?

In addition to economic and environmental benefits that keep your company competitive as well as compliant, NexGen Enviro offers an exceptional level of customer service and attention to your needs.

We can help you evaluate your current process to offer suggestions on where improvements can be made. If you’ve never incorporated solvent recycling systems into your production, we can share detailed examples and demonstrations on what’s possible. We’ll even test samples of your waste solvent to show you what a difference our equipment can make.

We’ll work with you to tailor a solvent recycling unit to fit with virtually any space limitations, waste disposal processes, or special requirements of your facility.

If you’re already operating with an older piece of equipment or you think you need to upgrade to a recycling system that better suits the specifics of your operations, we’ll show you where you can improve your efficiency, output, and economy.